About Us

The Breast Care Naturally Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to securing women’s breast health through integrated, preventive care via the alternative and complimentary healing arts.

We are committed to raising awareness of disease prevention approaches for cancer and other life-threatening and chronic illnesses.

We hold a patient-centric view of the journey, from diagnosis, through treatment choices and beyond.
We believe that the immune system, and the client’s psyche are paramount in the success of therapies.
By combining the conventional treatments with complimentary therapies, this system is strengthened, therefore yielding a more favorable outcome.

With Nurse Care Management and advocacy expertise, we partner with patients and care circles to create a personalized care plan. With client choice as the guiding principle, the plan can include a range of integrative treatment options that are supportive of well-being and quality of daily life. The approach is multidisciplinary, involving the primary care provider, specialist teams, care givers.

Our mission is to educate, train and thereby empower women in an ongoing development of a customized, dynamic skill set of living arts which are all reliable in helping regulate the autonomic nervous system and restoring homeostasis.

Learning the combined life skills of reducing stress, inflammation and body acidity is crucial in maintaining good energy hygiene. Practicing full body energy hygiene is the art of practicing breast health: a living art.

Our further mission is to serve all women of the community using established, reliable energy regulation therapies. In addition, women who are living with breast cancer will have an advocate to guide them through the process of receiving the right medical treatment and finding additional resources including home care, hospice, equipment, and also education for their caregivers regarding living with breast cancer.

Some of the complimentary modalities used are:

Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Astrology, Ayurveda, Breathwork, Chiropractic, Colon Hydrotherapy, Color Therapy , Dance, Dental Hygiene, EMDR, Farming &Food Crafts, Herbs, Homeopathy, Intuitive Medicine, Kinesiology, Massage, Meditation, Mediumship, Midwifery, Music, Naturopathy, NAYETS, Native and Shamanic Ceremony, Nutritional Counseling, Wholistic & Rehabilitative Nursing, Pilates, Polarity, Retreats, Reiki, Shiatsu,T’ai Chi, Thermography, Tong Ren, Watsu, Yoga, Zero Balance.

The latest Naturopathic and Chiropractic technologies in thermography, mineral and tissue analysis, cold laser, ionic footbath, colon therapy and lymphatic drainage instrumentation, far infrared sauna, hyperbaric oxygen and other medical spa treatments will be offered in conjunction with breast health programs.

Our organizational functions will include:

  • provide autonomic regulation therapies and skills for breast health
  • provide well woman and prenatal and postpartum support, teaching and care about breast health
  • build a center of sustainable living practices in service to the community (working herb farm)
  • provide education & research in breast health relating to integrated healing arts
  • create a library as community resource on women’s health
  • offer community and personal energy hygiene services and network referrals
  • provide internships, training and retreats for healing artists
  • provide scholarships for training in under-served communities
  • function as a regional model of energy hygiene programs for holistic women’s health

As modern western medicine discovers the miracles of the human biome, from stem cells to fecal implants, we are reminded that all the tools and possibilities for healing lie within each and every one of us. Individual energy field hygiene is the living body of preventive health care. It’s in all the living arts, to be accessed through ancient and reliable means, in the name of health. These artful skills can be acquired by all of us. The time is now to begin providing universal access to all women everywhere.

For more information, visit Breast Care Naturally Foundation on Facebook, or contact BCNF Founder Shabnam Hashemi at info@BreastCareNaturally.org, or call 401-861-0891.