Our Mission

Opening the mind to alternative possibilities to treat the whole person, not just the disease

The mission of the Foundation is to promote healthy choices to prevent diseases and offer education and caring connections to alternative health resources that augment (enhance/complement) traditional treatments of diseases and illnesses.
A (one-stop) facility staffed by credentialed health care professionals, experts in their specialties, and highly trained therapists and trainers who are all dedicated to the treatment of the whole person.

  • Healthy individuals will use the services to learn about life long health options, choose programs that meet their needs, and receive referrals to other credentialed network of practitioners.
  • An individual with a diagnosis of disease will utilize the services to be educated about their disease and treatment options; guided and referred to complimentary treatments: and have an advocate to assist with process of considering the traditional medical options to treat the disease as well as ancillary treatments to ease the effects of the disease and the treatments.


  • Credibility of programs and practitioners
  • Quality of services
  • Compassionate individualized care
  • Cooperative collaborators
  • Comprehensive choices
  • Affordability


  • Get well, stay well, live life to the fullest
  • Empowered to make informed choices
  • Manage and conquer stress and pain
  • Feel good, positive, hope-filled, confident, and satisfied